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3 In 1 Mini PCI PCI-E LPC PC Analyzer For Notebook

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When wandering on the market, I am attracted by 3 in 1 mini PCI PCI-E LPC PC analyzer, which is ideal and perfect for notebook. Many customers all over the world think highly of it. To know what this product is really like clearly, you can read the following to find the answer.
mini PCI
Super mini design
3 in 1 mini PCI / mini PCI-E / LPC 2-Digit PC analyzer for notebook
Mini PCI, mini PCI-E & LPC for easy access to your laptop PC
mini PCI
POST (Power On Self Test) card displaying error code quickly after booting
Error code table offered making you know the error details easily
Hexadecimal character display
Supporting AMI, Award, Phoenix & Tandy 300 BIOS
Supporting Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista & Win7
Testing your computer quickly & easily
mini PCI
Ideal for IT enthusiasts and engineers to test and repair computer
Ideal and useful tool for notebook repairing partner, easy to use
Diagnosis signal which shows the problem of CPU, memory, display card and so on
LED displays showing diagnosis result of motherboard

In short, this 3 in 1 mini PCI PCI-E LPC PC analyzer is a multifunctional and practical product, great and perfect for notebook. It is no wonder that so many customers thinks highly of it.

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