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The Most Accurate Operation Towards Canon CL 241 Refill

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For people adopting integrated cartridge, refilling is the best way to save printing cost. Isn’t that true? Not really! First and foremost, you have to choose reliable ink like Canon CL 241 Refill, cause inferior ink is harmful to the printer on overall sides. Even if you take superior refill ink, there are many details that you should pay attention to. Improper refilling actually will give rise to more terrible effect!
canon cl 241 refillFrom now on, I’ll show you how to correctly operate refill ink by taking Canon CL 241 Refill for example. Firstly, you should gently remove the label on the cartridge and let the refilling mouth bare in the air. And then you may put the cartridge on a piece of napkin with nozzle size on the bottom. During the process, you have to make sure that the cartridge stands pretty steady.
canon cl 241 refillSecondly, you have to wear a plastic glove and screw down the stopper on Canon CL 241 Refill bottle. Be careful not to squeeze the bottle body! Now you can insert the injector into the refilling mouth until it reaches the sponge, then backing for 2or 3mm. And it’s time to slowly squeeze the bottom of ink bottle. When the ink reaches two-third capacity of the bottle, please stop refilling.
canon cl 241 refillFinally, you can clean up the dropped out ink and put the label you have removed at first step on Canon CL 241 Refill. Remember: Don’t let the cartridge exposed in the air after finishing refilling, cause long time exposure would get the ink dry. Besides, you’d better pay attention to the quantity while refilling. If excessive refilling, the printer would be corroded by dropped ink.
canon cl 241 refillMore details need attention: Before starting to refill, you have to make sure that the cartridge is on good condition. If you feel strong resistance while refilling Canon CL 241 Refill, there must be something wrong with the cartridge. When this happens, you’d better stop refilling. In addition., you can slowly refill and never get in a hurry during the process of refilling.

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