ACOOO OneBoard Office Review: Change Comes from Replacing the Old Keyboard

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Nowadays, all kinds of things are beginning to pick up the Windows10 system to catch the edge of smart. The original seemingly ordinary things suddenly become different after the intellectualization. ACOOO OneBoard Office is also regarded as such a product, which being built-in the Windows10 system based on the original machine keyboard. So this keyboard can act as computer use after connecting to the monitor.


After the initial contact with this concept, maybe this device has a somewhat similar with the AIO machine in our common sense, but the intellectual ACOOO OneBoard Office has better portability and playability. Being equipped with the full version of Windows10 is the biggest selling point of this Mini PC, as relative to other operating systems, Win10 has better compatibility with a wide range of practical. It is a sign of productivity.


When opening the package courier, the packaging looks great. Good damping let me get the visual sense of opening the MacBook packaging, as well as a hint of unique flavor from electronic product. Open the cover, the first thing you see is the product, and then variety of cables. The power adapter and manual were under the product.


And then, let’s come to the device. This device is such a keyboard, officially called “super machine”. As you know, a flaw of the computers on the market is that the core chip is only 2 – 3 years performance lifecycle, but the display itself has the life of up to 10 years. So upgrading will be troublesome in 2–3 years and replacing the monitor is wasted. Intellectual ACOOO OneBoard Office is a machine to solve this problem.


On the side of the device, there are microphone and 3.5mm headphone jack. On the back, from left to right, there are two USB ports, a standard RJ45 cable interface, an SD card reader, a display DVI interface, HDMI interface, and power interface, basically encompasses all the interfaces in common use, but also brings more possibilities for the future expandability. It supports 5G WIFI.


Following the instructions manual, it’s easily to be connected to the monitor. Boot appears the ACOOO Logo and the colored lights illuminated the side of the keyboard. It’s easy to spend several tens of seconds to complete the initial setup of Win10. Which worth mentioned is that the machine uses a Fanless Design with SSDs. With no noise of fans and hard disk reading after turning on, which is different from the ordinary computers.

On configuration, this product is not oriented to high-profile, but enough to meet the daily office documents, Internet, watching high-definition video, simple Photoshop processing, CAD drawing, and casual gaming needs. At no additional cost premise, it’s with the best performance, the maximum extent to meet the needs of users, so that the ACOOO OneBoard Office is mainly for light office work rather than gaming.


The Specifics of ACOOO OneBoard Office are as follows.


Brand Name: ACOOO

Product Model: OneBoard Office

Dimensions: 331mm x 177mm x 31mm

Weight: 1.08KG

Color: Silver

Case Material: Aluminium Alloy

Mid-plated Material: ABS


Core Processing:

CPU: Intel Atom Z3735F, Quad Core 64, 1.33GHz(Turbo 1.83GHz)

GPU: Intel HD Graphics 311MHz (Turbo 646MHz)

RAM: DDR3L-1333 2GB RAM + 64GB Flash


Ports and power Specifications:

External: Up to 128GB SDXC card, standard USB-OTG socket supports mobile HDD.

Internet: Broadcom WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.0, 1000M-LAN.

Display: HDMI 1.4 output interface, support 1080P resolution, ports to DP/VCI/VGA.

Audio: ALC5640 compatible with HDMI Audio output, local 3.5mm headset interface.

Mouse: Android/PC compatible with USB mouse port, supports 2.4G wired or wireless mouse.


Package included:

1 x OneBoard office

1 x Power adapter

1 x Power cable

1 x PC cable

1 x HDMI Cable

1 x Instruction manual

1 x Warranty card

1 x Free Plug Adapter

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