AKKO Japanese Keycaps

AKKO Japanese Keycaps Review

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AKKO is a Chinese company that involves the mechanical keyboard which has the best PBT material there and is made with an excellent design. The feel of the keycaps and the overall theme are a perfect combination of cute and sleek which will fit anyone who likes white/pink and the anime-style theme. Unboxing the keycaps is enjoyable because it comes in a simple black box with “AKKO” branding. The keycaps are separated in a set of six to allow extra customization not seen in other keycap sets. The keycaps were fixed on a Styrofoam template which is an exact layout of a keyboard that can save you from creating a mess when replacing the older keys of your keyboard. The build quality and the feel of the keycaps are awesome and everything in their unboxing is good.

AKKO Japanese Keycaps

Specifications and features

The keycaps are built using 85% PBT material which makes sure that it gives you a good grainy feeling on your keyboard. It has some lighting that can pass through the edges of the key but overall the lighting is best. This was expected because the keys are not translucent and are likely meant for a large audience. The RGB keyboard shines through the edges making the keyboard look sleeker than it has been.

AKKO Japanese Keycaps

Design and performance

Looking at the keycaps, they are break taking and undoubtedly. Looking at them they look really cute. When typing using it, they are easy and comfortable, they are neither too soft nor hard to the fingers.

Final verdict

These are caps that are recommended to those who love white\pink or those who want to add a Japanese custom aesthetic to the mechanical keyboards. The AKKO keyboard, has rare themed keycaps and it’s well-designed; like the keycaps, they have a delightful design that looks comforting because it increases the user’s experience. Finally, talking of its premium build, material, it ensures that is durable.

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