An Analysis Of Features of Flashget G600

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Flashget G600 is a famous type of mechanical keyboard, supporting Win7, Win XP, Vista, MAC, compatible with IBM PC. It is has been discussed for many times, especially its features. The following will analyze its features in details.

The flashget G600 mechanical keyboard is a 87 NKRO full key rollover keyboard. You can press as many as you need at the same time. It also has some other features, such as anti-ghosting, less actuation force need, short key travel need, cabochon buffered ergonomic design drives no fatigued. Steel plate also bears the actuation force from above. Based on these advanced features, a lot of people who like using mechanical keyboard always find themselves addicted the mechanical feel that mechanical keyboard has brought to them. These features of the keyboard makes it popular.

Flashget G600

On the other hand, as it is made of silvery metal materials, the keyboard looks nice and has the ability to bear more force. The switch of the keyboard is Cherry MX Red Switch, which just need 40g actuation force to start the keyboard. About the key travel, it needs 2mm to actuation, 4mm to bottom. It has fast reaction, broadly accepted by the majority of people. Besides, the key caps of the keyboard is red which is different from others, very attractive and eye-catching. While, if you are not getting used to the red key caps, you can change them into black as there are replaced black key caps available for people. It is also simple and easy to clean as the key caps are exposed in the airs. It is believed that the keyboard is the most suitable choice for people to make thanks to its features.

You can get a clear information about flashget G600 from the above analysis. After knowing these features, you can see whether it is suitable for you. It is said that the keyboard suits for the majority of people. It may satisfy your requirements.


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