ANBERNIC RG552 Handheld Game Console Review

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With the huge success of ANBERNIC’s RG351P and RG351M, it was only a matter of time before the RG552, a larger and more expensive notebook that could compete with the RGB10 Max and Powkiddy X18S, was introduced.


The 3.5-inch manual scene is getting more and more visible every day, with new releases appearing every few weeks. To change the landscape, the developers of these popular handhelds had to find new ways to create handhelds that felt unique.

The Design

The Anbernic RG552 weighs 353 grams and has a dimension of 7.8 x 3.3 x 0.7 inches (20 x 8.5 x 2 cm). The IPS touch screen measures 5.36 inches with a resolution of 1920 × 1152.
On the left, you can find the SELECT button, the classic D-Pad, and the left analog stick with click options. On the right, you’ll find the START button, four-game buttons, and the right analog stick with clickability.
At the top are the left and right arms and the activation button. It has a mini HDMI port that you can use to connect your TV or monitor for big-screen gaming. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack and two USB Type-C ports. One for charging and the other for connecting peripheral devices.

At the bottom, you will find two speakers on either side. There are two slots for a micro SD card, the left one can be used for a Linux OS card and the second for 64 GB of storage. In the middle there are reset and function buttons.
On the back are two-finger grip pads and a fan suction area. The fan is quite noiseless and hardly noticeable even under full load with low music output.

Operating System

There are two operating systems on the RG552. Android 7.1 is integrated into the memory and charges without a 16 GB micro SD card.


You can use the touch screen or controls to navigate the menus. There are a number of pre-installed emulators that need to be tweaked a bit at first to find the micro SD card and 64GB games folder. The Google Play Store was not installed at the time of this review but may be added at a later time when upgrading the firmware.

HDMI Output

HDMI output works on Android and Linux. On Android, it’s basically enabled and does all the work for you. On Linux, you need to boot up, plug in the HDMI cable, go into settings and change HDMI audio, then restart. Change this again once you are done using the HDMI output.
Other than Linux audio switching issues, the HDMI output seems to work very well. It delivers resolutions up to 1080p when trying a 4K monitor. And on Android, you can go into the settings to turn it lower if you want.



Overall, the Anbernic RG552’s hardware is good, but far from perfect in terms of software. This concludes our test of the Anbernic RG552. We hope you find this useful. You can make a purchase of this Handheld game console on Banggood.

ANBERNIC RG552 Handheld Game Console Review
Article Name
ANBERNIC RG552 Handheld Game Console Review
Anbernic RG552 is a handheld game console that allows you to play Linux and Android games. It is lightweight and packs a lot of interesting features like HDMI output support.

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