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Ann Pro 2 Keyboard Full Review

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Without a doubt, Ann Pro 2 is an exceptional gaming keyboard. The 60% compact keyboard not only does it feel well-built, but it also appears sleek in most computer setups. Each and every key on this keyboard is fully programmable and contains a customizable RGB lighting behind each key. To help you understand this keyboard a bit better, let’s take a deeper look and its design, functionality, performance, and many more;

Ann Pro 2 Keyboard


This keyboard is quite small and compact, taking up less space on your desk. It has an excellent build quality, especially its frame that’s made of plastic but feels pretty solid and well-built – and so are the keycaps. When it comes to its backlighting, we can confidently say that it is outstanding. I mean, each key on the keyboard is backlit individually, where it comes with full RGB and brightness settings that come with a white inside frame to reflect light. One let-down though is the fact that the backlighting isn’t bright enough for well-lit rooms, such as the office. But you probably won’t need the backlighting when in these rooms, right? Lastly, the Anne Pro 2 Keyboard connects via Bluetooth, which means that you won’t be needing a USB dongle to connect it to your PC. In addition, you can pair the keyboard to four different devices and enable you to keep switching between them. This feature makes it easy to even reply to messages on your phone with your keyboard.

Typing experience

The Ann Pro 2 Keyboard comes with excellent key switches that give you exceptional tactile feedback that’s a bit smoother and mushier. This takes its typing quality to the next level. However, considering its compact size, it might take you a little longer to completely master it, but once you do, you will never consider using another keyboard. What’s more, when it comes to the typing sound, this keyboard is fairly quiet, and you won’t be waking up your family members when using it at home.

Software and operating system

The keyboard gives you a plethora of customization options, which allows you to reprogram each and every key as you wish and also gives you total control over the RGB lighting. But you will have to utilize a cable for the software to recognize the keyboard, rather than Bluetooth connection. The keyboard is fully compatible with windows but has some connection problems on macOS as the context menu button doesn’t work.


The Anne Pro 2 Keyboard is an excellent keyboard for programming. Considering its typing experience, operating system, fully programmable keys, and its design, we can confidently say that it a keyboard worth buying. You might want to give it a chance!

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