Anne Keyboard Banggood Presale, Decent RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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For different people, the computer plays a different role, but in any case, all components must be easy to use. In this issue, only new development may help. Today, new developments, wireless accessories are more and more popular. So is the wireless RGB mechanical keyboard.

09b4d7f2-ef01-43d8-891e-9542e30c331a As we can see, one of the main advantages of mechanical options is crisp tactile sensation of pressing. Because many people use the keyboard as a work tool, this factor is particularly important for them. In addition, mechanical keyboard began re-conquering the market with gaming models, and it is not strange. It is possible that gaming computers are the main stimulus for improvement. Of course, for active playing a constructive approach, not all mechanical keyboard, but most of them can be installed with fast and reliable programmable keys.


Today, we will talk about the new arrival, Anne Keyboard, which is a wireless RGB mechanical gaming one. This keyboard features Bluetooth 4.0 wireless control, RGB light effect, APP control, ARM Chipset, and PBT keycaps. The DIY light effect and CIY case will bring users more fun while they using it. What’s more, 60millions clicks on typing could let they go along well with this keyboard for a long period. Especially, it gets changeable cases. There are 5 sets of colorful case for customers’ choice.


Finally, the most important thing, this RGB mechanical gaming keyboard is presold at Banggood. And now, you can enjoy the presale prices as follows.

$69.99 for 1-200th orders

$73.99 for 201-700th orders

$77.99 for Behind 700th orders

Normal Prices: $79.99

Please note: The keyboard will arrive on July 25, 2016.



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