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Anne Pro 2 has all that you can name and is something other than a gaming console – it is an across the board pack for a gaming fan enveloping RGB themes, subjects, MACRO settings, customizations, and considerably more.

Cheap ducky keyboard

Looks and performance have consistently been the first concern for Obins, and that is the reason they have made this “masterpiece” to adapt to the ever-developing requirements of the gaming business. Anyway, what settles on it a definitive decision?

Note that Obins’ Anne Pro 2’s form factor is a 60% mechanical gaming keyboard. Likewise, we got the Gateron switch form of the keyboard and not the Cherry MX rendition.

While there are many alternatives accessible for mechanical keyboards in this price range, it includes outperformed my desires inside seven days’ utilization. The console keeps a moderate 60% smaller plan while keeping up a significant number cutting edge has normally not found in this price range.

Variety of Switch Types

Switches in any mechanical keyboard is a mechanism that is set off when a key is pressed. For the most part, the typist gets tactile criticism, which can be a sound, light, or vibration. Anne Pro 2 likewise has these switches; the ones we saw in our review were brown and made a flawless showing in expanding my general gaming just as composing experience.

That being stated, we have generally approved of these switches and have used them ordinarily before. Gateron switches are viewed as a top-level “copy cat” of the first Cherry MX.

cheap ducky keyboard

Keycaps are PBT, which are acceptable; however, not incredible. For reference, a twofold shot PBT keycap is sturdier and favored for strength. They are, as a rule, on pricier consoles, so we weren’t excessively shocked.


we like its plan – the backlights, and the general RGB theme is something that the Anne Pro 2 progresses admirably.

Anne Pro 2 just like a cheap ducky keyboard goes over the desires regarding its design and look. The exceptionally adaptable keys and RGB topic plans would make it stand apart from the group in a split second; by a wide margin, it has been the correct decision for me.

After about fourteen days of gaming, we tried the build quality and by and large execution of the keyboard on games like Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

cheap ducky keyboard


Bluetooth and Cable is powered with a large 1500 mAh battery

Full RGB backlit key mapping

Dual Function Keys



Connectivity via Bluetooth is a bit slow.


In general, it features a smooth and adjusted plastic case, PBT keycaps, and carefully stenciled legends. We like the smoothness it has, the consistency of keys, the moderate handy design, and the RGB quality. Following a 2-week use, we were happy with its stylish quality and by and large gaming and typing experience.

The weight of this keyboard keeps it from slipping, hence adding viability and dependability in the entirety of your typing and gaming experience.

On the off chance that the Bluetooth connectivity issue isn’t considered, there is no uncertainty that Anne Pro 2 has demonstrated to be a classic gaming console for me (in this value range). Anne Pro 2 is available at for US$82.99 only.

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