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Beelink GK55 Mini PC Review: The Best Mini PC for 2021

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The Beelink GK55 Mini PC is a small and small computer powered by the low-cost Intel Celeron J12125 Gemini Lake Refresh processor and has now reduced the model significantly by 8/256 GB. This device is considered by many to be the best mini pc 2021. Let’s find out if it is worth buying in the review below.


Design and Hardware

The Beelink GK55 mini PC features a quad-core Intel Celeron J12125 processor with a base frequency of 2.00 GHz and 2.70 GHz. The mini gaming pc offers an Intel UHD Graphics 600 graphics card with 60Hz 4K UHD video.
In terms of storage, there is a 128/256 GB ROM. Coupled with the Intel HD Graphics 600 GPU, the Beelink GK55 Mini PC offers H.265 video playback and VP9 resolutions up to 4.2. To add to the built-in 8GB LPDDR4 RAM, it arrives with an M22280 SSD storage; There are devices with options of 128/256 GB capacities and a slot for the second STA Three storage unit.


Features and Performance

Beelink GK55 mini PC supports dual-band WiFi connection based on 2.4G and 5G; It is also equipped with a keyboard, mouse, Bluetooth audio system and Bluetooth 5.0 to connect various peripheral devices.
Fuel costs are reduced to a minimum; Since the processor uses only one Visa connection with a standby power consumption of 12 W, it returns it to the monitor; Or go home with a TV and pre-installed Windows 10.
With dimensions of 12.40 x 11.30 x 4.10 cm, it can be attached to any television or monitor. The Beelink GK55 mini PC can sit right in the palm of your hand; it is very portable.


The Beelink mini PC comes with a silent cooling bird that manages to cool down the cheap mini PC’s compact physics and has more than enough hardware to support 4K media, which is essential for optimal performance in any home or workplace production. It weighs less than 300 grams.


Despite being physically compact, the Beelink GK55 has a full connectivity interface that includes 4 USB-A ports, two HDMI, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and an expansion port for microSD, USB-C. This mini PC outperforms my expectations considering its price. It is very affordable and available on Banggood.

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Beelink GK55 Mini PC Review: The Best Mini PC for 2021
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Beelink GK55 Mini PC Review: The Best Mini PC for 2021
Beelink is a brand recognized for producing outstanding mini PC's. They have released another wonderful piece of tech; the Beelink GK55 mini PC. Join me as give a detailed review of this device.

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