Best High Quality SPDIF TOSLINK Splitter For You

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Today, I am going to introduce you the best high quality splitter, called SPDIF TOSLINK splitter. This splitter is well designed, having special and amazing characteristics. The passage here aims to show you the specifications and characteristics of this splitter in details, enabling you to see what this high quality product is really like.
This splitter is one way of optical fiber signal input splitter to three sets of SPDIF/ToLink signal receiving device. It is 54mm in length, 54mm in width and 23.5mm in height, only weighing 175g. Although it is compact and lightweight, this splitter has great function.

SPDIF TOSLINK splitterThe SPDIF TOSLINK splitter can support audio formats LPCM2.0, DTS and Dolby-AC3. It can also support signal retiming. Power adapter specifications are AC input 100V to 240V and DC output 5V/500mA. Output distance is up to 40m. The peak wavelength is 650nm. The maximum transfer rate is 16Mbps, and the maximum operating current is 100mA. The operating temperature ranges from zero to forty degree, and the operating humidity range is about 5 to 90% RH non-condensing. Within the ranges, the splitter can surely work and perform well for you.
Beside, this splitter is easy to install, and it can be installed in minutes. After simple operation, you can enjoy its great performance. This splitter has over-voltage protection, which can prevent the damage caused by connecting unmatched power adapter to the machine. It is quite clear that this splitter is a high quality product.

By now, you can have a clear mind of this best high quality SPDIF TOSLINK splitter from the above. According to its specifications and characteristics clearly mentioned above, it is easy to conclude that this best splitter is really useful, helpful and practical for use, and it is absolutely a worthwhile and beneficial product for you to possess.

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