Mini Android DLP HD Projector

Best Mini Android DLP HD Projector For Home Theater

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Are you searching for HD projector for your home theater? If yes, here is a suggestion for you, that is mini Android DLP HD projector, which is said to be the best for home theater. With this projector, you are able to enjoy high definition movies, TVs, and musics to the fullest.

Mini Android DLP HD Projector

If you are curious about this HD projector, you can read the following for more detailed information.

Android DLP HD Projector

This projector features miracast/DLNA wireless transfer technology. Connected to WIFI, smartphone or tablet PC, this projector can be synchronous display.

Mini DLP HD Projector

This DLP projector has different buttons for different uses, such as volume button, power on/off, turning left or right, turning back and so on.

Mini HD Projector

It also has HDMI, AV, DC, USB, SD ports for conveniently use.

Mini DLP Projector

With built-in 2500mAh lithium battery, after fully charged, this DLP can be used for 2.5 hours. And it can also be used for charging the mobile phone.

Mini Android DLP Projector

This DLP has a tripod hole, able to be used easily and conveniently. With air intake, this projector has better performance.

Android HD Projector

This projector is compatible with smart phone, PC, KTV, DVD, iPad, game consoles, notebook and so on, able to be used widely and broadly.

DLP Mini HD Projector

This projector can make you home be a theater and allow you to experience more interesting and more visually spectacular in game.

It is easy to conclude from the above that this mini Android DLP HD projector is really best and great for home theater. Purchasing it for your home theater, you will definitely never feel regret.

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