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Have you ever had a feeling of enlarging the images of anything you are watching? Or just project the image to any place where everybody will watch comfortably? No need to worry again. Mini HD LED projector is the only option you have to enjoy all these. It is projector that is suitable for watching movies, pictures, or listening to songs at your home with your family. The LED projector gives a new feeling to anything you are watching or listening. It motivates you to watch and listen more without being bored.
led projectorFeatures of mini HD LED projector.

Operation mode. 
You can operate your LED projector either manually or use of a remote control. This is an assurance that the projector is easy to operate and there is no need to worry in case you misplace your remote control.
The projector can also operate under different temperatures, that is, between -10 to 36 Celsius degrees. It is a suitable range that gives you a good a perfect choice of where you want to use it.

Image size.
The projector allows you to adjust the images up to a level that will make you feel satisfied. The image range from 20 to 80 inches. This will allow you to watch your images very well even from a far distance.

Projection distance.
The LED projector can project an image if it is located 1.25-4.0 meters from the screen. This will give you an allowance to move the screen to any place of your comfort within the given radius.

The projector uses a strong lens of f=125. This lens allows the images to be focused correctly producing a high definition image.
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Brightness and resolution.
The LED projector has a brightness of 48 lux. It is the best because it cannot affect your sight. It can also be adjusted to meet your demands. It can support a resolution of 1024*768. This will form a good image for you to view. It also has a native resolution of 320*240.

Size and color of the projector.
As the name suggests (mini), it comes in small size but a good one. Has a length of 12.7cm, the width of 12.6cm, and a height of 5.6cm. This allows it to occupy a small space and become easy to carry around. It comes in two different colors black and white.

Benefits and advantages of using the LED projector.
It uses low power. It can, therefore, be a good saver of electricity.

Its small size and less bulky allows it to be portable.

It allows you to entertain yourself and family while watching movies or listening to audios and viewing picture.
It gives you an experience similar to that of a cinema. You can watch from any angle or place the screen anywhere.
Allow headphone output, therefore, its sound can also be projected.
It has a long span. Can work for long hours without being spoiled.
Produces high definition images.
If you want to have a cinema experience right in your home all that you need is a mini HD LED projector. It will give you and your family a lifetime experience. Buy yours today.
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