Besuncom M9 Projector Review

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As I fond of watching movies and playing games, I pay great attention to projector all the time. Recently, I hear that Besuncom M9 projector is an amazing and outstanding projector on the fiercely competitive market. Thus, I get it for myself, and it turns to be perfect for watching movies and playing games. And now, I’ d like to share it with you in the following.
Besuncom M9
This projector is a 5.8-inch LCD projector, and it is 380*348*188mm in dimension, taking up little space. I can place it on my desk or table easily and conveniently.
Besuncom M9
The input of this Besuncom M9 projector is USB, AV, TV, VGA, HDMI and YPBPR. It has various ports for different uses.
Besuncom M9
The output of this projector is audio, supporting blue, red 3D video format. Its resolution is 1280×800, supporting 1920*1080P. For watching movies or playing games, this projector is really nice.
Besuncom M9
What’ s more, this projector comes with various useful and helpful accessories, such as manual, power cable, remote controller, and so on. The manual shows me how to control it, and the remote controller allows me to operate it remotely and conveniently.

In a word, this Besuncom M9 projector is really an excellent and outstanding product, which can be observed from the above clearly. If you are also fond of watching movies and playing games, this projector is definitely a good option for you to have.

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