Blitzwolf AA-ER3 Bluetooth Headphone Review

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This Blitzwolf AA-ER3 Bluetooth headphone offers several fascinating features, including connection to two gadgets simultaneously, but also a good price-performance ratio. Whether of whether this item truly pays off, what are its benefits or disadvantages, this review will answer those questions and we will see why this product is considered to be one of the best Bluetooth headphones.


The Design

Most of the body of this Bluetooth over ear earphones is made of great ABS plastic materials. Given the value, this is a reasonable decision, but for example the hinges for the arrangement are metal and the earbuds are covered in a comfortable  fabric and leatherette materials.


With respect to the actual construction, we didn’t anticipate extraordinary stability and a top-notch workmanship. These headphones can undoubtedly measure up to a few times more costly gadgets, at least in terms of build. The heaviness of the earphones likewise stopped at a fascinating value, it is just 240 grams.

The bridge that links the two earbuds is plastic on the top and has a delicate leatherette material within, which improves wearing comfort. These materials pass straight into metal pivots, which are likewise covered with plastic outwardly and furthermore contain a small  logo of the manufacturer on the two sides.

The hinges as such are strong, they look great and we are not stressed over their functionality even following half a month of utilization. A plus is likewise painting in black from within when extended to its extreme size.

There are controls outwardly of the right handset. There are additionally buttons for volume control, yet in addition for skipping the music backward and forward. An extremely welcome component is additionally the touch surface. Its primary capacity is one press to pause/resume playback.


With regards to connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0 technology is accessible. It is dependable, offers the chance of showing the current battery capacity directly in the top line on the cell phone and a 10 meters range. Nonetheless, what the earphones do not have is a NFC chip. With this innovation, you can’t match earphones quicker, which is a shame.


In addition to wireless Bluetooth headphones technology, there lies a  cable connection through the previously mentioned two-sided cable with a 3,5 mm sound connector. Another route is to play music via the inserted microSD memory card. Be that as it may, you should set up the files for the memory card ahead of time, which can be impractical.

An exceptionally useful capacity is likewise a pair of connected gadgets simultaneously. No, for this situation the sound doesn’t clash from two gadgets simultaneously, but it is a useful capacity where the earphones are paired with two gadgets and exchanging between them is extremely quick and simple.

Audio Quality

Sound delivery is additionally a vital segment of all range of earphones. In addition to wearing comfort because of the delicate materials, up to 50 mm transducers are accessible (previous editions of BlitzWolf earphones offered 40 mm transducers) with a 20 – 20000 Hz range.


Battery life

Blitzwolf AA-ER3 Bluetooth headphone offer in their gear a battery with a complete capacity of up to 1000 mAh. Given that previous versions offered a  capacity of around 400 mAh, this is a generally excellent value and a huge improvement.



We were astonished by the processing itself, battery life, sound delivery, yet additionally fascinating capacities as two simultaneously connected gadgets.

We suggest the acquisition of this Blitzwolf AA-ER3 Bluetooth headphone with the capacity of lessening surrounding noise, both for the workplace, for work at home and for relaxation. In order not to fall victim of buying fake products I will advice you purchase from Banggood which is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

Blitzwolf AA-ER3 Bluetooth Headphone Review
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Blitzwolf AA-ER3 Bluetooth Headphone Review
Music they said is the food for the soul but that wonderful experience can only be possible with the right headphone. In this article, we will be taking a look at the Blitzwolf AA-ER3 Bluetooth headphone.

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