BlitzWolf AirAux Computer Speaker Review

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The Blitzwolf AirAux AA-GCR3 is one of the biggest home theatre upgrades you can make. Because even most high-end televisions or projectors do not possess speakers that are decent enough, a dedicated Bluetooth speaker or home theater receiver provides far superior sound quality. The Bliztwolf AirAux AA-GCR3 is a fantastic budget speaker. Despite its modest price tag, the AA-GCR3 features excellent sound quality, a rich feature set, and incredible ease of use. But is the AirAux right for you? Find out in our hands-on Blitzwolf AirAux AA-GCR3 review!


The Design

The blitzWolf AirAux computer speaker features four speaker drivers concealed by a metal mesh grille. On the front side, there’s an AirAux logo. Around the back, you’ll find a 3.5mm AUX input and a USB port.
There is a controller attached to the speaker, on it you’ll find physical buttons for controlling the volume and power state plus a USB input. The entire Bluetooth speaker is pretty compact at 179 x 102 x 82 mm, and it’s fairly lightweight at just 850g. This speaker features dazzling RGB lights that beautify your room especially when other lights are put off.



In the aspect of connectivity, in addition to the Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity that comes with this speaker, this Blitzwolf’s Bluetooth speaker also has USB and AUX ports. To limit latency, its wired connection needs only one cable to link to the TV.



The AA-GCR3 packs in two 5W drivers. The setup delivers enough sound to fill a large room. The speaker performs outstandingly at sound production. The interesting aspect is that even with volume set to very high, there’s no case of distortion. There is also a Channel 2.0 System that gives penetrating Bass and a large sound field that allows gamer to capture the enemy’s direction accurately.



The Blitzwolf AirAux AA-GCR3 Bluetooth speaker is a wonderful piece of tech. One thing that stands out is the quality of sound it delivers. This Bluetooth speaker is available on Banggood at an affordable price.

BlitzWolf AirAux Computer Speaker Review
Article Name
BlitzWolf AirAux Computer Speaker Review
The Blitzwolf AirAux AA-GCR3 is a Bluetooth speaker with 4 speakers and two 5w drivers. It is accompanied by a USB port, AUX port and Bluetooth 5.0v connectivity. To add to the total package, there are RGB lights to add beauty to your room.

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