BW GC4 gaming chair


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Today, we will be looking at a chair from a company called Blitzwolf. On the off chance that you’ve just googled gaming seats, you presumably pondered into an area of multi-hundred dollar chair. Nothing amiss with that all, sincerely.

BW GC4 gaming chair

First of all, we should discuss WHAT makes this chair so cheap, moderately. Take a look at the image beneath this section and afterward return up here, you can’t generally recognize this “cheap” seat from others that seem as though it, correct? You may need to look nearer. See it yet? Slim. You will see that the chair is flimsy. Blitzwolf quit extraordinary cushioning and plumped up parts to have the option to present to you a chair at this cost. The truism goes, you get what you pay for, yet for this situation that isn’t an awful thing. One other thing I have seen that could have a state in why the seat is so economical is the heaviness of the chair. The BW-GC1 loads around 45lbs. Contrasting with other, more famous brands (which I won’t name exclusively for the aim of zeroing in on this seat), the BW-GC1 comes in almost 25-30lbs lighter. Lighter could be pushed the two different ways. On the one hand, it is simpler to move around just like the BW-GC4 gaming chair.


Indeed, the chair looks fantastic for what you pay. Although the feature tones are lively and vivid. The yellows are YELLOW, the blues are BLUE, and the reds are RED, etc. The expansion of the footrest The even remembered highlights for the wheelbase which some other better-quality gaming chair company don’t. Incredible job on the design of Blitzwolf.

BW GC4 gaming chair


Shall we? Let’s be straightforward with you; the quality could be better. I comprehend the value point and that it won’t get you into the solace or nature of a $400 gaming chair. I get that, yet there are a couple of things I might want to address. Disclaimer: a ton of what I am going to discuss is better exhibited in the video I have on YouTube, which you’ll discover on the lower part of the post. First of all, the control handles. The chair has two handles that work autonomously of one another.

One is for the raising/bringing down of the seat for stature change. The other is for leaning back the chair in reverse and advances. With the leaning back handle I have discovered that at whatever point you lean back the chair it will remain there until you by and by hold the handle. Not exclusively does it not go ahead once you hold the handle in, you need to hold the handle in and physically snatch the seat to push it ahead. It moves a smidgen forward when you hold the handle in yet not even close to enough to take it back to a legitimate upstanding position.

BW GC4 gaming chair

Furthermore, is the solace of the dividers that surface close to your thighs. I wouldn’t grumble about this on the off chance that I didn’t figure I can’t be the one in particular who saw it. Where these dividers come up, the metal backings within them of prominent, and will squeeze your legs, causing you to need to sit with your legs crushed together virtually. The hassock helps since it makes you not sit wide in the seat. Alright, the last thing I need to slam, on the off chance that I haven’t frightened you away at this point, IS the ottoman. It truly isn’t an ottoman; it is all the more a calf rest. At whatever point I, I found the median value of stature man, put my legs on it, my calves usually fall at the edge of the ottoman, which inevitably makes my legs nod off. I just wound up not utilizing it.

OK, WHEW. I’m finished complaining. The chair has incredible comfort and quality features. For example, the material. The material is delicate and keeps cool, so you’re not sweating just from sitting in the chair. The padding on the seat and backrest is extravagant, so it sits pleasantly. For the pads, I need to give a significant holler to the cushions. They are so delicate and comfortable. One usually sits at the bend of my back, and one sits at the bend of my next, and they’re fragile. Huge in addition to the pads. If lone they were somewhat more remarkable, I think I’d supplant them with my pillow on my bed.


We believe this chair is extraordinary at the cost. It was a tremendous overhaul from our waiting room chair style seat. I energetically suggest you consider the Blitwolf BW-GC2 gaming seat in case you’re hoping to set aside some cash yet redesign your sitting experience. Blitwolf BW seat is accessible at at a cheap and affordable price.

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