BlitzWolf BW-MP1, No Need of Cables Any More

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Well…as we can see, reasons for connecting the projector wirelessly may be several. Perhaps you just do not like wires, or in a specific room, they are undesirable. It so happens that the need to provide a fast connection to the projector with a mobile participant, whether it’s visiting a presentation or your organization’s policies encouraged BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). For example, each student should be able to connect to a projector from your device, and show work. The most popular option is a projector that supports WiFi. It is widespread in business and education, because it allows you to connect to the projector from your computer and mobile devices. Of course, we also need wireless projector for home use, more convenient and more enjoyable.


The BlitzWolf BW-MP1 is one of the WiFi Display Projector for home use, which enables users to enjoy stream music, movies, photos, videos and apps wirelessly from a compatible smartphone, tablet or laptop to the projector. With it, users can enjoy the cinema experience without messy cables. It helps to transform the wall into a massive screen and create a home cinema.


This BlitzWolf WiFi Display Projector is designed to be amazingly compact and can be setup in seconds. With the BW-Link wireless system, people can display their smartphone, tablet, laptop on the wall without even one cable. It supports devices with operating systems at or above Android4.2.2, IOS6.0 and Win8.1. The setup is fast, people don’t need to install even one app. The wireless BW-Link technology links direct to Android Miracast, Apple Air-Play and Windows connect. Once BW link is connected, anything people view on their smart devices is automatically sent to the projector. The BW-MP1 is also compatible with older tech and can be setup with video cable connection options.


However, there is something you should pay attention if you want to get this amazing projector. Firstly, Blitzwolf BW-MP1 is not recommended for EXCEL or business presentations, it is designed for home theater movies and video games. Secondly, Blitzwolf BW-MP1 does not support Dolby audio format, if you experience audio problems, you need to check your device settings and turn off the Dolby audio output.


Now, say goodbye to the noisy fans and changing expensive bulbs, with BlitzWolf BW-MP1, all you need to get the show started is a flat white surface to project onto and a phone, computer or memory card with videos, music, photos or a document to play.




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