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BlitzWolf BW-PCM4 4K Screen: The Perfect Gaming Screen

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BlitzWolf® BW-PCM4 gaming screen offers a great gaming experience total with Full HD 1920*1080 high goals and HDR support. Outfit with IPS screen guarantee the screen progressively exact shading rebuilding perfect picture quality and increasingly rich shading. 4:3/16:9 show design transformation in the picture and a far-reaching 178° survey points is perfect for work and for auditing on-screen with various individuals in the room.

HDMI monitor

The design and display
This specific screen is still entirely lightweight at 1.98 lbs, 1 cm thick, which makes it ultra-compact. Ideal for a movement screen. Enable you to simply toss it in your sack without stressing over scratches, and it likewise enables you to set it up any place and at whatever point, without utilizing any extra props. Blitz wold pc screen made of the most recent aluminum body. Making them less inclined to body twisting and distortion. it comes to structure, by and large look, completing, solidness and temperature control screen, which are commonly more grounded than plastics. The just about zero-edge configuration makes a one of a kind visual encounter without limits.

HDMI monitor

The screen should be connected to a power source, and they’re probably will not be battery power. You can’t say for sure, but at this stage, there is no battery available for the device. The BlitzWolf BW-PCM4 is designed to be light and thin, but not large. There is a remote control that is convenient but requires a CR2032 battery, which is not included with the device. The BW-PCM4 has 2x mini HDMI 1.4 ports, 1x USB Type-C port, an audio jack, and built-in stereo speakers.
There are buttons on the side of the screen to turn on the power, adjust the volume, settings, and return, which many other portable screens do not have. There is a requirement that HDMI and USB be connected to the mobile device in order to function properly as a second screen. The BW-PCM4 can be connected to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PS4, which is a hallmark of the portable monitor.

HDMI monitor


Convenient remote control
Light weight
Compatible with Xbox, Nintendo, PS4 and other consoles
Built-in Sterio speakers
Beautiful design

Must be connected to a power source

This gaming screen is a must have for all game lovers. At Banggood.com this electronic device is sold for about $269.

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