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Bluedio is a Chinese company that manufactures audio and wireless devices. Products from this company are used in many countries across the globe. The company is famous because it manufactures high-quality and durable products. Bluedio t3 earphone is one of the professional audio devices from this company. This earphone is cost effective and gives you the best audio quality with a powerful bass.

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The battery of Bluedio t3 earphone has a satisfactory performance. The battery allows you to listen to your favorite music for up to 20 hours in just a single charge. However, battery life can vary depending on the 3D feature, volume level and the quality of your music. The charger takes about 2 hours to fully charge the lithium battery. The long battery life gives you a longer playback and talk-time. This makes Bluedio t3 earphone suitable for use in camping sites, parks, beaches and other areas.
The earphone uses Bluetooth 4.1 which is the latest version. However, if you don’t want to use Bluetooth, the earphone also allows a wired connection using a 3.5mm cable. The Bluetooth connection is strong and there is no interference from other Bluetooth-enabled devices. The earphone has a simple pairing procedure and it connects in a few seconds. The wireless connectivity has an operational range of about 33 feet which is longer than most earphones. This long Bluetooth range allows you to enjoy music while your device is at a distance.
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High-quality Sound
Bluedio t3 earphone delivers a dynamic sound which is enhanced by a powerful bass. The volume feature allows you to regulate the volume according to your preference. The high-quality sound allows you to hear every word and every beat of your music. The inbuilt 3D feature makes you feel as if the music is coming from all direction. The 3D feature improves the sound quality and it doesn’t hurt the eardrums. The earphone also has a sensitive microphone which you can use to record your voice, especially when making tutorials or video conferencing.
Portable and durable
The earphone has an alloy frame which is strong and durable. The earphone is made of lightweight materials and It weighs about 0.86 lb which not heavy. You can wear the earphone and listen to music for a long period of time without feeling fatigue.
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Cool design
The earphone has a nice look with a soft touch foam and cushioning. It features padded ear cups with memory foam which enhances comfort. The cups can rotate up to 10 degrees to fit in various facial forms. The control buttons are easy to operate and they are positioned on the right earcup. You can switch it on and off using the button at the center. Similarly, you can increase or decrease the volume using Vol+/Vol- button. The entire earphone can be folded inward to reduce storage space. This feature allows you to carry the headset in the pockets of your bag without damaging it.Conclusion
Bluedio t3 earphone is a multi-function gadget with an elegant design. The alloy frame makes it strong and durable. It is comfortable to wear and it outputs high-quality audio without signal interference. The unique audio features allow you to use the earphone for a long period of time without damaging your eardrums. If you need a headphone, select Bluedio t3 earphone and enjoy your music.
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