BMAX Y13 Pro Laptop Review

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The BMAX Y13 Pro YUGA Laptop is to be sure an incredible one for individual use. You can have bunches of features accessible with the PC. We generally attempt to discover a PC which will be super-quick and easy to use according to various perspectives. If you are also looking to discover something like that , then I should say that you are in the ideal place. Simply take a look at the specifications and features to comprehend everything appropriately. Take dive straight into the MAX Y13 Pro laptop review.


The Design and Display

This new PC doesn’t vary much from its predecessor, showing a shell made completely of aluminum, including the inward part that contains the keyboard. This aspect, consequently, made it conceivable to make this segment more steady and less flexible, reestablishing a feeling of solidity that is positively more noteworthy. As can likewise be seen from the item name, the it is just from 13 “, so the components of the note pad are not unreasonably exorbitant, quite the contrary.


Simply by looking at this information, the BMAX Y13 Pro estimates 307,5 x 208 x 14,7 mm, with a weight of only 1,25 Kg. It isn’t perhaps the most manageable items available, yet it actually meets certain expectations. I remind you, truth be told, that this gadget is more similar to a convertible, so a particular handling in a day-to-day use is needed.

On the right side, we discover just a single USB Type-C, sound jack 3,5mm, the On/off button and a compartment for microSD. On the other side, in any case, we discover another port for USB Type-C and the opening for the power supply.

Opening the notebook we can at long last see the display, a unit IPS LCD of 3,3 ” with resolution FHD (1.920 x 1.080 pixels). No other fundamental information is provided, for example, the maximum brightness that can be attained from this panel. Here, truth be told, the display is in accordance with what can be found available for a similar amount. Great colors as well just as the viewing angles that don’t make such a large number of distortions in this sense. However, the brightness isn’t adequate to see every content on the screen outdoors.

Hardware and Software

Beneath the body there lies a space an Intel Core M5-6Y54 with base clock frequency equivalent to 1.1Ghz and turbo boost up to 2,7GHz. It is just a 6th generation dual-core component, which can’t offer stunning performance. To go with this feature, we discover 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM and a SSD of 256GB.

On a graphic level, everything is overseen by one Intel HD Graphics 515 GPU, with a maximum frequency of 900MHz.


Clearly the notebook was unable to miss at least Windows 10 Home. We as a whole know this working framework well enough.

Connectivity and Battery Life

Let me talk about the connectivity aspect. Here, truth be told, the MAX Y13 Pro possesses a module Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac Dual Band, capable to cover a huge area. It has consistently permitted me to explore, indeed, even in the most difficult areas of the house. Nonetheless, there is also the presence of Bluetooth 4.2, sound jack for earphones and two USB Type-C inputs.


Among the different segments embedded inside this body stands the battery from 10,000 mAh, which will permit you up to get up to at least 5 hours of non-stop use.


In case you’re searching for a light and thin 2-in-1 convertible PC. The BMAX laptop is prominently compact and extraordinary amusing to utilize. This is probably the least expensive PC available right presently to include Microsoft’s business working system. The ideal marketplace to purchase this PC is Banggood which is the global leading online shop; passion buying on Banggood.

BMAX Y13 Pro Laptop Review
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BMAX Y13 Pro Laptop Review
Compact and convertible laptops are now taking the center stage. This time it is BMAX that is coming with a Banger after unveiling its new BMAX Y13 Pro. In this article I shall be showing you the features that make this laptop standout.

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