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Brother LC41 Ink Cartridges keeps smoothly printing

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Generally intervals of printing is the forewarning of nozzle clogged, apart from the quality of the ink, there is another reason that gets nozzle clogged: unreasonable design of the ink cartridges. You may be curious about what is the reasonable design of a ink cartridges. First of all, a rational cartridge keeps smoothly printing on account of its internal detail makeup. For instance, Brother LC41 Ink Cartridges are adopted one-way-valve design. The ink flowing or out will be strictly conducted by two separated room of the inner of cartridge box. As you see, the outlook of this type of cartridge is very different from the usual cartridges.
Brother LC41 Ink CartridgesSometimes it is the outlook that determines the product function, and the same goes for the special design of Brother LC41 Ink Cartridges. One-way-valve ink cartridges make it planned and stable of ink flowing, which means the flowed out ink would not flow black to the ink box. To some extents, one-way-valve reduce much possibility of nozzle plugged. If the ink flow back frequently, it would get the nozzle plugged day by day. Because the diameter of the ink outlet is comparatively tiny and flowed back ink would be mixed with invisible dust in the air. Moreover, the internal of the box is designed according with the negative pressure balance principle. The pressure conduction of the inner would keep smoothly flowing out during the process of fast printing, which makes sure there is no ink droplet splashing onto the printing equipments and corroding the printing equipments.
Brother LC41 Ink CartridgesWhat I have mentioned perhaps is very detailed about cartridges, but really helps you realize the long term stable and fluent printing. And it is the special design of Brother LC41 Ink Cartridges that avoids the nozzle being clogged. To be honest, the ink in the box may be changed as it runs out, but the ink cartridge would not be so often changed. That is to say, choosing an reasonable ink cartridge is a cost-effective way for people engaged in printing industry.

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