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Browse 3 Times Faster with the Intelligent Xiaomi Mini Router(part 1)

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1167Mbps is the internet speed you stand to enjoy from today henceforth. Let’s face it! Finding a router that gives you exceptional performance is quite an uphill challenge nowadays. If your past time hobbies include live streaming videos, playing HD games and downloading heavy files you are now sorted with the Xiaomi mini router. This router will help you stay connected with your family, roommates, customers, and guests by connecting multiple devices to one internet connection. Better still you will have an added benefit of a local network connection that will allow you to share files amongst yourselves.

xiaomi wireless router

Take a look at the features of the Xiaomi mini-routers, and see why you need to have it today:

Design and setup

The xiaomi router comes in a sleek slim compact white design that blends well with your home or office furnishings. The wireless router has two antennas that increase the strength of your router’s signal and propels your connection.


The xiaomi wireless router is easy to install, it takes only two steps using your phone and voila it starts working. It backs up your settings and important information so no worries about inputting settings more than once. You can use your phone as a remote control.



The xiaomi mini router is an 802.11ac router that offers up to 1167Mbps compared to your general 802.11g router which offers only 54Mbps. You can now enjoy faster downloads and higher internet speeds such as a cheater’s. Enjoy smooth live streaming, viewing HD videos and gaming.

xiaomi wireless router


Apart from hiding your home devices IPs from the general internet, the xiaomi pocket router offers you double protection with its Tencent security center that updates you daily on the router’s app of any suspicious intruder trying to access your internet. It also sends you a warning notice if you visit phishing sites, fraud websites and general risk sites, to ensure your connections are safe and secure.


More amazing features and detailed information about this xiaomi router will be revealed in the next chapter. Stay turned.

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