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Browse 3 Times Faster with the Intelligent Xiaomi Mini Router(part 2)

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The xiaomi mini router not only has simple gorgeous look, user-friendly operation and powerful performance. Here are more intelligent features you will want to explore with me.

xiaomi wireless router

Increased coverage

Your whole house or office is connected when using this router. The xiaomi router comes with an instant switching to change your universal network. If you have been experiencing trouble staying connected in different rooms of the house or office, this router has a button that switches the relay of your main router and increases the Wi-Fi signal to reach the furthest corners of your home or office. Eliminating the need for extension cables and additional wiring.


Intelligent home management

An additional benefit of this xiaomi wireless router is that it’s a smart device that connects to your home/office intelligent ecosystem and manages your other smart systems, for example, it can switch on your air conditioning, it can switch the lights on/off, switch your T.V. on/off, record news on TV and manage your smart thermostat. You can actually switch off home systems not in use while away from home using its app on your phone.


Home server? Own a small server in your home/office with this amazing xiaomi mini router with a connection to your hard drive. The xiaomi pocket router allows you to connect a hard drive to share movies, photos, and files in your home/office.

xiaomi wireless router


To conclude this is a must-have router, other users have rated it highly, describing it as a reliable, excellent product. Most have been quoted to say ‘it offers exactly what it promises’. The xiaomi pocket router will offer you 3 times normal router speeds, it offers you dual protection, it is easy to install, its an intelligent home management system, and offers you a small home server at an affordable price. This router is the solution to your home connectivity that you have been looking for, make a purchase today and experience a new productivity partner.



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