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What Can 5 In 1 Mini 3G WIFI Router Do For You

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Mini 3G WIFI router is a 5 in 1 multi-functional and practical router for you to have. If you get it for yourself, you can enjoy its great function and great benefits in daily life. And now, let’ s see what it can really do for you together in the following.

Firstly, this router can be used as mobile power bank. With built-in 1800mAh Li-polymer battery, this router supports charging iPhone battery fully once, 3G hotspot for 4 hour, and Mini-AP for 12 hours. It can charge iPhone, iPad, PSP, Android MID and smart phone under the status of ON or OFF, with protection for over charging, over discharging and short-circuit to keep the charging process safe. No matter it is on or off, just pressing the battery indicator button, you will know how much battery power left.
mini 3G WIFI router
Secondly, the router supports mini AP, ADSL/DHCP access automatic recognition. With built-in Ethernet port, this router makes the cable broadband convert to WIFI at home or hotel, allowing more people to surf the internet under the WIFI coverage area. A1 applying HAME’ s patented software, it can make wired broadband connection automatic, avoiding choosing WAN or LAN access by hand, automatically displaying ADSL loge in interface, easy to operate.
mini 3G WIFI router
Thirdly, the mini 3G WIFI router is 3G router, capable of WIFI sharing. The router is compatible with HSPA +, HSPA, EVDO, TD-SCDMA, including more than 400 kinds of popular USB 3G modems all over the world, dialing number automatically without any manual setting.
mini 3G WIFI router
Fourthly, this router supports iPhone 3/4 data package sharing, linked iPhone 3/4 with A1, and then share iPhone’s data plan with your iPad, notebook. Easy sharing can avoid high battery-consumption of iPhone when being hotspot by itself.

Fifthly, this router supports public WIFI hotspot access. Under the WIFI coverage area, the users can share the public WIFI signal with unlimited users and data download via A1. A1 could enlarge the WIFI signal to make the outdoor WIFI signal reach everywhere in your house, improving the internet speed.

It is obvious from the above that this mini 3G WIFI router can really do great favor to you in your daily life. This router is undoubtedly a worthwhile item for you to possess.

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