Canon CL 241 Refill Minimize Your Printing Cost

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FINE printing technology is the promoted technology of thermal form printing technology providing the printer with the best protection in that the cartridge and nozzle are integrated together. As long as the cartridges finished, the nozzle should be thrown away. However, it seems to be much wasteful cause of the big outcome for changing cartridges. Therefore, many users start to use refill ink to save cost. Here, I recommend you Canon CL 241 Refill ink. To be honest, refilling ink is the feasible measure, but users have to pay attention to two points: the quality of comparable ink and the right way of refilling.
canon cl 241 refillFor sure the original cartridges are of best quality, which do the least harm to the printer and could be printed out clearest and the most lightful photos or pictures. But the service life of cartridges is so short that you have to change both cartridge and nozzle. Actually, there are lots of refill ink like Canon CL 241 Refill providing high quality and compatibility. It is specially designed for canon PG and MG series printers, without the production cost of cartridge and nozzle, the refill ink sticks to building the highest capability and compatibility that comparable ink could offer. If you refill the ink in the right way, the output accuracy and color can almost reach the effect of original cartridges.
canon cl 241 refillThere is no denying FINE printing is the most precise and efficient printing technology. The more accurate equipments of the printer, the more attention you have to pay when refilling ink like Canon CL 241 Refill. Comprehensively, you have to be careful to control the power when you pull the ink into a cartridge, make sure there is no ink dropped out while refilling. Otherwise, the ink gets in to other cartridges and colors are mixed up. Besides, never refill the ink over the capacity of the sponge, or the ink would be tossed out while printing.

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