Hero 91 smooth fountain pen

Classic Style Hero 91 Smooth Fountain Pen: Perfect Present For Festival Or Birthday

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Are you bothered by what present you can send to your friend or relative when it is festival or birthday? If yes, here is a suggestion for you, that is sending classic style Hero 91 smooth fountain pen to your friend or relative. This fountain pen is classic and practical, extremely easy to use and maintain. And now, let’ s discuss about this fountain pen in the following in details.

Hero 91 smooth fountain pen
Dimensions: length 138mm, 12mm diameter
Weight: 37g

Hero 91 smooth fountain pen
Classic style, durable quality, smooth writing experience

Use and maintenance:

Hero 91 smooth fountain pen
Do not use black ink containing gum to prevent silt blocking the writing structure, the impact of the water.
Writing should not disassemble the structure, in order to avoid lost or damaged parts.
Protect the metal surface plating (coating) to prevent collision between hard metal and mill inspections, and avoid contact with acidic and basic solutions, using a soft cloth to wipe to keep the pen body often new.

After discussion, it is no doubt that this classic style Hero 91 smooth fountain pen is really cool, practical and convenient for use. When searching a good present for your friend or relative, you can choose this fountain pen.

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