KBC Poker 2 mechanical keyboard

How To Clean KBC Poker 2 Mechanical Keyboard

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Today, I am going to show you how to clean KBC Poker 2 mechanical keyboard. The cleaning of the keyboard is not complex, and the following will explain to you step by step.

Firstly, you should use a screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the back of the keyboard. It is reminded that you may not be able to open the keyboard if you unscrew some screws at the back of the keyboard as there are two or three screws in the positive of the keyboard. You need to pry off some keys from the keyboard to see the rest of the screws.
KBC Poker 2 mechanical keyboard
After you unload all the KBC Poker 2 mechanical keyboard keys, you will find that in fact the keyboard circuit part is very clean, not needing to be cleaned, and mostly buttons and keyboard panels are dirty, demanding to be cleaned. Putting button and keyboard panels into water with detergent soaking for a while, you can clean them with soft cloth or soft brush lightly, and then accumulated dirt is easy to clean.
KBC Poker 2 mechanical keyboard
Finally, you can dry the washed and cleaned keyboard for several hours or you can use hair dryer to dry it. After dried, you can install the keyboard according to the sample. You should notice that some buttons are equipped with reeds. When you install them, you should not forget the reeds. Otherwise, it may cause damages to the keys if used for a long time.

According to the above detailed instruction, you can have a clear mind of how to clean the KBC Poker 2 mechanical keyboard. Through simple and easy steps, you can clean your keyboard well. After cleaning the keyboard and looking at it, you will find that this keyboard has taken on a new look, bringing you a refreshing feeling.

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