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Colorful And Waterproof K70 USB Wired Gaming Keyboard

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Today, I am going to introduce you a colorful and waterproof keyboard, called K70 USB wired gaming keyboard. This keyboard is a high quality durable and practical product for gaming and typing. Many game players and office workers like to use it, as it is waterproof, durable and practical. To know more about this keyboard, you can read the following.

K70 USB Wired Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard is 44cm in length and 14.2cm in width, consisting of high-strength ABS plastic, quite suitable and durable for use. It is equipped with colorful LED backlight, making it colorful and attractive, particularly at night. With backlight power switch, you can open or close the backlight. This keyboard also has approximately 140cm cable, and reinforced braided cable ensures faster data transfer rate and anti-sway ability.

K70 USB Wired Gaming Keyboard-1

This K70 USB wired gaming keyboard is soft to touch. Applying laser inscribed letters, this keyboard is durable, never fading. With high bouncing silicone design, it supports up to 10 million hits. This keyboard is waterproof, extremely practical and functional for use. It supports operation systems Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista, Mac OS(10.2.8) or higher.

K70 USB Wired Gaming Keyboard-2

What’ s more, it applies spring type ergonomic design, and long-term use is not easy to make wrist fatigue. Colorful LED design makes it perfect for any working place especially at night time. Exclusive cooling gaming keyboard can offer the most comfortable gaming environment.

For gaming or typing, this colorful and waterproof K70 USB wired gaming keyboard is really a good choice. If you want to change keyboard, this one is highly recommended to you.

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