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LED Projector Colorful Stage Light

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Most projectors in the market are old school projectors using cathode ray tube to project images and video on surfaces. These were quite the low-level projectors.

With the advancement in technology, modern projectors have come into play. They have added functionality alongside the high-quality delivery of both audio and video content.
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The LED projector uses light emitting diodes to cast images onto intended surfaces. The LED projector Colorful Stage Light uses Ocean Wave night light with 12 beads music light to deliver media.
It is circular at the front with a 45 degrees adjustable projection mode. This allows you to set your view appropriately according to your liking.
Features of the LED projector colorful night stage.
It has 12 beads music light with remote control and touch sensor keys for easy operability. You can turn on/ of the lamp, freely adjust volume and switch lighting modes at the comfort of your seat.
The 45-degree adjustable projection mode makes it easy to change the view of images and video. You don’t have to move the whole projector to achieve this.led projector stage light(3)
With 7 light projection modes, you can change themes to suit your occasion. You can set the mood to a romantic evening or switch to a wild party theme.
This Led Projector incorporates an inbuilt mini- speaker with plug-in functionality the allows you to play music from your phone. You can enjoy all types of music, relaxing, romantic and meditation music.
This projector also has 4 inbuilt hypnosis songs to soothe you while you are relaxing.
It has multiple choices for viewing and manipulation. A USB cable and a wall adapter that you can use to colorful lighting in order to create a nice atmosphere of your liking. It has two control modes i.e. a touch sensor key and a remote controller.
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