COMFAST CF-WU720N helps you get better access to wireless network

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Nowadays we tend to use wireless network more occasion for sake of its convenience while we preferred using cable broadband to surf the Internet at the past. For sure wired network is more stable and faster, but not convenient for a big family or the occasion when you have special network requirement. Therefore, wireless router like COMFAST CF-WU720N has been widely used in our daily life. The small size WIFI router possesses smart AP transfer function which can transfer mode of base station very fast and set up wireless LAN very easily. And it allows to transfer home wired network into WIFI and also can receive wireless network signal sent by other wireless routers.
When you are on a business travel, finding stable and convenient network seems to be not so easy. Even in a coffee house or other public places providing abundant wireless networks, the wireless signals are always interfered by each other. If using COMFAST CF-WU720N, things will be totally different. You can easily get access to a stable and smooth wireless network, and there is no any interference on account of its anti-jamming function. As I mentioned before, the wired network is more stable but less convenient. If adopting the wireless router in your home, you will see there are many cell phones or tablets having access to the network. Actually, it is the mini router that transfer wired network to wireless network which can be shared with other electronics like computer and phone and IPAD.

Moreover, COMFAST CF-WU720N possesses super mini size just like a normal USB, which means you are allowed to carry it with you any occasion you like. It seems the wireless router can meet network demand of different people. Like people who take a rest in a coffee room with many  surrounding WIFI signals, or people who works on night shift want to get some entertainment. In a world, the wireless router can improve the performance of wireless network and provides idle network approach.

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