COMFAST CF-WU720N: home& travel necessary mini USB network card

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Characterized by its mini size and strong signal transmission, COMFAST CF-WU720N is beloved by many people especially people who often travel. It’s pretty convenient and handy when holding the card in hand since it’s made in line with ergonomics. Adopting the latest CCA empty channel detection technology, it starts bandwidth mode avoid channel interference. When the interference disappears, it takes advantage of bundle Tied advantages to improve network performance.
COMFAST CF-WU720NNowadays, there are always many electronics requiring network even in a small room. For example, your private home needs network for PC, tablet, mobile phone and so on. Definitely wire network is no capable to provides so many electronics. While COMFAST CF-WU720N having AP transformation feature can quickly find and build WLAN. Generally, it convert wire network into WIFI to supports many electronics together. Even if there is no router, it can build wireless network both in company and home.
COMFAST CF-WU720NNetwork is very hard to reach when you’re on business trip or a vacation. Usually, there is only one cable in the hotel room, but your iPad, mobile phone and laptop all requires network. If this happens, you just need start AP function of COMFAST CF-WU720N, and it can efficiently send WIFI to supports your mobile phone and iPad. In addition, the mini USB network card is so mini that you can take with yourself wherever you go.
COMFAST CF-WU720NLast bu not least, COMFAST CF-WU720N supports WEP, WPA, WPA2 network encryption technology, which ensures very safe and secure wireless network. Besides, the wireless network adapter conforms to IEEE802.11b/n/g standard, which is capable of receiving 2.4G wireless signals, WIFI signals, WLAN and CMCC etc. What’s more, it supports 150Mbps high speed signal transmission, which always ensures fast, smooth and stable wireless network. All in all, this Wireless network card can be used whenever or wherever.

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