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Comparison between the Xiaomi Notebook Air and Xiaomi Notebook Pro(part 2)

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Since we have talked about the xiaomi mi air 13 above, here are the xiaomi notebook pro and the comparison you care about.

xiaomi notebook pro

Xiaomi Notebook Pro

The Xiaomi Notebook Pro is commonly known as an excellent laptop. It is generously equipped in terms of hardware and software and still remains very practical. The body is made up of a magnesium alloy framework with an anti-stress property for increased durability. The xiaomi notebook pro is also very competitively priced especially considering the properties you’re getting.


The notebook features fingerprint recognition. This enables an easy way to unlock the notebook by simply placing your finger on the scanner. It features a 15.6-inch Full High Definition display. This ensures an excellent viewing be it photos or videos. This is further enhanced by the 2GB dedicated NVIDIA GeForce MX150 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) assuring you that the notebook won’t disappoint you by being unable to launch applications with high graphics quality. It is further enhanced by a 32% performance boost with a cooling system. Powered by an Intel Core i7 – 8th generation coupled to a quad-core processor with speeds of up to 4.0 GHz, the Xiaomi Notebook Pro features industry-leading performance values.

xiaomi notebook pro

The xiaomi notebook pro is equipped with a 16GB DDR4 RAM. This brings multitasking to a whole new level. There is a 256 GB Solid State Drive (SSD) enabling you to store your different files with the added advantage of quick retrieval that SSD offers. For connectivity, provided as standard are: an SD card slot, two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI slot and a 3.5mm headphone jack port. For power, there is a Li-on battery, 7.4 v / 8000mAh. This in all description is a huge plus for the notebook. The battery has a charging time of 1-2 hours and a standby time of 7-8 hours – pretty impressive. The keyboard is backlit for easy maneuverability in the dark.


For network, there is Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity, LAN Card and a WLAN card. For sound, the Mi Notebook Pro is equipped with HARMAN Infinity customized speakers with Dolby effect. This ensures excellent sound qualities be it while watching movies or listening to music.

xiaomi notebook pro


The Xiaomi Notebook Pro is essentially a bigger brother to the xiaomi air 13 laptop. It has a bigger display size as well as a larger RAM. They both are equipped with Intel processors but the Mi Notebook Pro has an Intel Core i7 processor while the xiaomi air 13 is equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor. The two devices have a Full High Definition display as well as a 2GB NVIDIA GeForce MX150 dedicated graphics card. They have the same operating system – windows 10.

xiaomi notebook pro


These are very well equipped gadgets. Simply put, you’re getting your money’s value and more. Xiaomi Inc. has raised the bar on the notebook segment a notch higher such as the xiaomi air and xiaomi pro. They are gadgets you would want to have as they offer an unrivaled blend of performance, excellent design, and practicality.


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