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Comparison Review: Obinslab Anne Pro 2 VS Anne Pro 2

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Finding a good keyboard is one thing, but having to choose between the Obinslab Anne Pro2 vs Anne Pro 2 is another. However, these are the top two featured keyboards at your disposal. Whether you have to write or play games, both are useful. Read on for our take on their specs.

Anne Pro 2

Design and Build

It’s harder to pick a clear winner here, as these two keyboards are about the same size in terms of build and quality. For example, both have keycaps made of strong PBT plastic. As such, they have a strong coating and base that will last a long time.

In addition, the keycaps’ material for the two keyboard is ABS plastic. This material is very durable with its solid properties that keep you pressing these buttons for a long time. Another important feature that both have in common is the duplicate photo button.
As a result, the symbols on each key are made of hard plastic. Think of it this way: old keycaps are paint that will fade with use. With a doubleshot this is much less likely.

Anne Pro 2

The materials used for the frame and the overall structure are similar for both. There is a hidden steel plate which gives you a nice writing surface. Pressing these buttons will give you the correct answer you need.

Not to mention the steel prolongs its life. This makes them both reliable for all types of users. You want a keyboard you can trust when playing games or writing documents.


Obinslab Anne pro 2 and Anne Pro 2 also have three switch configurations, namely Gateron (brown, blue, red switch), Kailh Box (brown, white, red switch) and Cherry MX (brown, blue, red switch).


With both mechanical gaming keyboards, characters will never fade and disappear due to double letters. Each keyboard has transparent letters that allow RGB to have perfect brightness and has a keyboard with a keyboard and has a few extra blank keys.


Both have the best OLS/ObinsKit software. Customize everything through the program and it’s very easy to use. No account required to have internal storage. You can customize macros, lighting, layout and more.
It offers several customization options that let you reprogram any key on the keyboard, as well as complete control over the RGB lighting. The software will only recognize the keyboard when you are using a cable and not when you are using a Bluetooth connection.

Anne pro


The backlight function has become standard on many mechanical keyboards. The two discussed here are no different and have high-quality lighting.

Anne pro 2

More Features

Regarding the features of Anne Pro 2 and Obinslab Anne Pro 2. The bluetooth connection available on the keyboard can be one of the most powerful keyboard features. The wireless connection you usually get with a keyboard definitely makes it a good choice. It is capable of being connected to four devices simultaneously.

The impressive 1900 mAh battery should be one of the top options that you find quite impressive. Fully customizing the software can be one great option. Critical links, macro adjustments, and layers should also make it one of the great options for most of your expectations.

Anne Pro 2


The Obinslab Anne Pro2 and Anne Pro 2 discussed here are useful and indistinguishable from each other. To purchase this keybaords, visit Banggood which is the global leading online shop; passion shopping on Banggood.

Comparison Review: Obinslab Anne Pro 2 VS Anne Pro 2
Article Name
Comparison Review: Obinslab Anne Pro 2 VS Anne Pro 2
Mechanical keyboards are gradually taking over fromt the conventional keyboards. In this article,we will be comparing the Obinslab Anne Pro 2 vs Anne Pro 2 to see their similarities and differences.

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