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smart game controller

Why need a Bluetooth Game Controller for your device?

The advancement in microchip technology has led to the manufacture of powerful computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. These devices have a high computing capacity which enables them to run complex […]


MAC Version V8.0 EXP GDC External Video Card

As we all know, despite the many advantages, from mobile computers, there are a lot of disadvantages. From the beginning of their instance, Notebooks have always been limited in their […]


Review of the Graphics Card, GALAXY GTX 970 Ashes Black General

One of the most important components of any PC is the graphics card, which does the job of image processing and subsequent display. Gamers usually pay special attention to the […]


Vorke V1, a Fresh Ultra-small PC with Wonderful Performance

As you can see, upgrading of gadgets market is always rapid. Now on the market, you can find a large number of compact mini desktop computers running Windows 10. The best part […]


New Arrival! MeLE PCG02U, A Key Ring Designed Mini PC with Ubuntu OS

Are you looking for a mini PC with good charm, but without the Android and Windows?  If so, there is a suitable model for you, PCG02U by MeLE arsenal. It […]


ACOOO OneBoard Office Review: Change Comes from Replacing the Old Keyboard

Nowadays, all kinds of things are beginning to pick up the Windows10 system to catch the edge of smart. The original seemingly ordinary things suddenly become different after the intellectualization. […]


Cenovo Mini PC II, Just So Easy for Taking

Mini PCs get their popularity nowadays, since their pocket size and powerful functions. However, with so many new Mini PCs being announced weekly, it’s hard to keep track of what […]


Amazing Windows mini PC, Hystou FMP03

As we can see, computers have come a long way since the days when they took up an entire room or table. Nowadays, you can get a powerful desktop PC […]

USB Current Voltage Tester

USB Current Voltage Tester, an Interesting Tool for Tablet

There are a variety of interesting things for us to find out and possess in this modern society and people are fond of some funny, special accessories, too. So today, […]

Folding Table Stand

The Magic Folding 360°Laptop Desk is Perfect for Every Occasion

Today, I want to introduce one interesting and amazing PC accessory for you guys as all of you have a demand of it. What is it? Yes, it is a […]