Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard

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To produce excellent content for your studies, business or academics, it is important to have a good quality keyboard. Not only does it help to enter the correct values, a top quality mechanical keyboard has a soft, supple typing experience. Furthermore, it has features which promote the user experience as you work with it. As a matter of fact, there are entire groups of people who collect and even build customized keyboards. Led by a professional known as Jacob, this group invests time, talent and skill into building high-tech keyboards and collecting rare ones as well. A good example of a reliable, high-quality keyboard is the Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard.

Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard

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  • Full key features

This keyboard has a total of 87, tactile, full function keys. Both the frame and keys are placed at a 6-degree angle. This allows you to type on it for long hours without suffering fatigue. With soft-touch capability, this keyboard provides a reliable input mechanism for modern typing.

 Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard

  • High-tech specifications

The Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard is built on a 32 bit ARM framework. Each key has a response time of only 1ms while the circuit board has a refresh rate of 1000Hz. The unit also has a Master Control unit. It senses the main chip on the keyboard and grants the unit a lifetime of 50 million clicks. Thanks to this high-tech construction, this keyboard is guaranteed to provide a marvelous typing experience.

Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard

  • Modern design

The keyboard is designed such that your view of each key is maximized. Each key has a translucent PC color set on a background of white ABS. Furthermore, there is a back to stick LED bulb which provides backlight on the keyboard. This LED has a pure white temperature of 6500K. In addition to that, it can be adjusted to a brightness and luminosity level of 6 grade. The backlight allows you to comfortably type work in conditions of low or no light.

Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard

  • Functional, beautiful construction

For a smooth and attractive appearance, the Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard has a case that’s made of a combination of materials. These are industrial-strength plastic and brushed aluminum. Furthermore, its internal structure is made up of 6 layers. Not only do they ensure that the unit performs correctly, they add some sturdiness to it as well. This means that it can survive bumps with no adverse effects. A unique feature of this keyboard is that it can be attached to the PC or a laptop using a USB On The Go (OTG) cable. As such, you never have to worry about connectivity options with this peripheral.

Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard


The Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard is a one of a kind peripheral. Not only does it provide you with a way to enter alphanumeric data into your computer, it is aesthetically beautiful as well. Its features have been adapted for modern use. Furthermore, it is portable and can be plugged into any workstation with a handy USB cable. Light, thin and highly effective, this keyboard is a computer user’s best friend and is currently available for purchase online!

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