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Drives and Storage


Pros and Cons of SSD Hard Disks and the Recommended Model

SSD hard disk, a relatively new media, is an architectural drive connected to the IDE controller or SATA. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It is a developed block interleaving scheme […]

flash drive

POFAN 3 in 1 Flash Drive, Mini and Fashionable

Modern mobile phones have a huge range of functionality. At specific times, they began to be supplied with removable storage, which is almost equated with PDAs. So people usually prepare a flash […]


SATA 3 SSD for Speeding Up Your Laptop

Computers are very common in our daily lives. We use them at home, at work, on vacation, and even on the road. Often the time to complete the task is given to […]


New Arrival, MantisTek MBOX3.5 Banggood Sale with 45% off Discount

As we all know, disk space of any laptop eventually ends. An optional external hard drive is the best solution to this problem. This device can not only store a variety of information, but also […]

Bestrunner 32G USB flash drive

Lightest and Cheapest Flash Drive for You to Possess

In our daily life, the flash drives always play an important role on our study, work and so on. So today, I want to introduce one practical flash drive which […]

Waterproof Metal Key Flash Drive

Waterproof Metal Key Flash Drive For Convenient Storage

Have you ever seen a key-like flash drive? Do you want to take flash drive with you on keychain? If yes, you are highly recommended to get waterproof metal key […]

USB External Combo Drive

Multifunctional Fast Speed USB External Combo Drive For PC

When wandering on the market, I find a multifunctional fast speed drive, called USB external combo drive. This drive is extremely useful and practical, ideal and perfect for PC, laptop, […]

External Slot-in USB DVD RW Super Drive-2

External Slot-in USB DVD RW Super Drive For PC MacBook

Today, I’ d like to introduce you external slot-in USB DVD RW super drive for PC MacBook, which is a useful and practical equipment. This drive is designed to be […]

Bestrunner 32G USB to Micro USB Flash Drive

Bestrunner 32G USB to Micro USB Flash Drive For PC Tablet Smart Phone

Today, I’ d like to show you my favorite USB flash drive, called Bestrunner 32G USB to micro USB flash drive. This flash drive has two connectors, suitable for PC, […]

SATA IED HDD Hard Disk Docking

Multifunctional SATA IED HDD Hard Disk Docking

Recently, I am attracted by a hard disk docking, called SATA IED HDD hard disk docking. This docking seems to be useful, practical and functional, popularly welcomed by many customers […]