Smart F118 OTG Y Cable

Durable And Multifunctional Smart F118 OTG Y Cable

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Today, I’ d like to introduce you a durable and multifunctional cable, called smart F118 OTG Y cable. This cable is extremely useful and practical, popularly welcomed by many customers. It has gained good sales and good reputation after launched. To know what this popular cable is really like and what it is capable of clearly, you can read the following.

Smart F118 OTG Y Cable

This cable is simple but useful. It is more convenient for users to take one F118 smart USB Y cable instead of two normal USB cables. This cable supports game controller, keyboard, mouse and any other USB accessories.

Smart F118 OTG Y Cable-1
This smart F118 OTG Y cable supports data transfer function, with data transfer 480Mbps. Compared with general data line, this cable is faster and better to use. This cable also supports any other Android smartphone or pad with OTG function.

Smart F118 OTG Y Cable-2

As for USB OTG function, it is about single Micro USB connection with the phone waiting for LED lighting, then the female USB Y cable’ s access-related equipment. In some states, LED indicator lights, and if not, you should unplug Micro USB. Then about 10 seconds, you can insert the Micro USB to the phone. If the LED stays off, it means that the phone does not support OTG mode.

Smart F118 OTG Y Cable-3

Moreover, this cable supports USB charging function, which can bring great convenience in daily life.

All in all, this smart F118 OTG Y cable is a durable, practical and multifunctional item in daily life. Getting it for yourself, you can enjoy the great benefits and convenience this cable can bring to you. It is easy to see that this cable is undoubtedly worth possessing.

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