Durgod Fusion Keyboard

Durgod Fusion Keyboard: A Mechanical Keyboard Celebrating 80’s Design

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Retro design

Finding retro equipment nowadays has been a very hard task, which has become harder and harder but this team has made it easier by bringing back the memories that were achieved by introducing the DURGON FUSION to the market. The retro keyboard is fused with modern technology and has functions that are familiar to most people, not forgetting its numerous connection methods. It can be easily connected with windows, mobile phones, wired, wireless, Bluetooth, or even Mac Os. To make the keyboard fit in different scenarios, it has to be designed into a compact size that can be carried around, which is exactly what the Durgod keyboard is. Fusion has 3 different styles which are steam, navigation, and original.

Durgod Fusion Keyboard

Compact and portable

The device is just 14 inches, which are very easy to take on the go in your bag pack or if you’re really going retro, in your briefcase. The wireless USB dongle is hidden in a magnetic compartment underneath the logo because the manufacturer did not want any of today’s modern tech to ruin the vintage feel.

 Typing experience

Every keystroke is responsive, comfortable, and consistent. This level of typing experience is achieved by using high-quality keycaps for the keyboard design and CHERRY MX.

Types of connectivity

This device allowing you to use three types of connectivity options is considered an extraordinary keyboard. You can connect the keyboard to your tablet, desktop computer, phone, or laptop using the 3 modes of connectivity, which are:

  • Bluetooth
  • Wired USB-C/A or USB C/C connection
  • 4GHz wireless

Using a non-wireless and non-fuss keyboard is just very convenient. It just your device with its own FUSION keyboard. The high-tech keyboard will just impress those with the old school keyboard, especially given the fact that it is equipped with flashy functionality.

Long-lasting battery

Having multiple research and experience has helped us to implement the low-energy consumption solution in the retro keyboard to ensure long-lasting battery life. When the keyboard’s battery is fully charged, the battery can last between 20-40 days using the wireless connection mode (battery life will vary due to computing and environmental conditions.

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