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Easy-taken Coolux X3S: Making Everywhere A Wonderful 3D Cinema

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What role does a projector plays in our daily life? Maybe the teaching appliance, meeting appliance or a private display are all included. There is no doubt that watching 3D movie in the cinema will be a romantic dating. However, have you ever thought about make you home a personal cinema? Actually, this is very easy to achieve if there is a Coolux X3S, a mini projector able to create 3D visual effect.

Adopting Win8 UI operation interface, the mini projector is the latest 3D HD LED version world. The technology with a inbuilt DLP 3D ready synchronous system can present two images in the screen at the same time, which creates dimensional visual effect. What’s more, Coolux X3S can present much larger image than what other projectors present. No matter for watching movie or playing games, it will never happens hysteresis phenomenon.
Coolux X3S Coolux X3S
If you still feel the screen isn’t large enough, it’s better for you to wear a special goggles glasses. Once putting on the glasses, you will enjoy more shocking images and videos. Just like wearing a 3D glasses in cinema, everywhere that you stay will be changed into a 3D cinema house. Besides, there is no need to connect Coolux X3S with a computer or a 3D transmitter. And the projector is compatible with a variety of electronic devices such as PC, tablet, laptop, mobile phone and HD players,etc.
Coolux X3SI’ve seen some crazy people installing the presentation on the ceiling. In another word, you don’t have to long time sit at the sofa for watching. Although siting at the sofa is very comfortable, it’s not as comfortable as lying in the bed. See! A projector like Coolux X3S is very flexible to adjust to the perfect perspective. How couldn’t you love enjoying wonderful 3D film while lying in the bed with children, husband or wife!
Coolux X3SCoolux X3S supports super high lumen and adopts the most advanced LED light never affected by the outer light, which can be comparable to full HD LCD TV. Thus, the projector can also be used in the office room, specially for VIP meeting room or meeting room reserved for customers. As long as you’re the people who really know how to cheer up yourself, you can take the projector with you when going camping. Enjoying 3D movie at open country, wow! How cool it is!

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