Coolux X3S

Easy-taken projector Coolux X3S for both home and office

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Do you want to enjoy 3D movies with families at home? People choosing to go to cinema actually are fascinated with bigger screen and dimensional sound that it brings. However, it’s too troublesome to book the ticket and drive though a long way to enjoy the visual feast. If there is a projector like Coolux X3S, then everything couldn’t be too perfect! The small projector possesses function of transferring normal images to 3D scenes both day and night.
Coolux X3S
Adopting Win8 UI operation interface, the mini projector is the first initiative 3D HD LED version around China. What does initiative 3D technology mean? As a matter of fact, it is a kind of presenting technology with a inbuilt DLP 3D ready synchronous system which can present two images in the screen at the same time. You just need wear a special goggles glasses, the your home has already become a 3D cinema house. Besides, it’s no need to connect Coolux X3S with a computer or use a 3D transmitter, a small USB or TF card is enough to play 3D video.

Coolux X3S
In the past, people didn’t choose a 3D projector cause the brightness and picture quality can not meet the demand. As for the mini projector, it supports super high lumen and adopts the most advanced LED light never affected by the outer light, which is comparable to the full HD LCD TV. Difference is, the projector can create much larger and shocking LCD effect. No matter for watching movie or TV series, it will never happens hysteresis phenomenon. And I bet you will love the Win8 simplified interface.
Coolux X3SI’ve seen some innovative people installing the presentation on the ceiling. Very crazy! If doing that, you don’t have to long time sit at the sofa. Although siting at the sofa is very comfortable, it’s still not so comfortable when comparing to lying in the bed. See! A projector like Coolux X3S is very flexible to adjust to the perfect perspective. Personally, I love enjoying wonderful 3D film while lying in the bed with children, husband or wife.

Furthermore, a meeting room also needs a mini projector like that specially for VIP meeting room or meeting room reserved for customers. As long as you like, you are allowed to make better use if the 3D mini projector.

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