ECsee ES135, a Pocket Wireless DLP Projector, Powerful Enough for Home Theater

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Creating your own movie theater, showing a presentation or photos on the big screen to the whole audience, all these are possible if there is a nice projector. The best image projector combines high resolution and lifelike picture. And it is necessary to choose to meet the requirements for portability, brightness, and technologies. I think the most proper projector for home cinema is ES135, a pocket wireless DLP projector by ECsee, compact and portable.

The ECsee ES135 is a handsome projector, cuboid with rounded corners. It measures 39 by 59 by 79 inches (HWD), making it enough for a movie watching. It is lightweight at 1.7 pounds and comes with a compact carrying case. With the dimensions of 100 (D)*100(W)*22(H), weighing 160g, it is easily portable.

2347539e-c191-4977-9400-bb51e887a6f0On the top and sides of the ES135 are buttons and jacks which in line with more than 10,000 under life. This device is equipped with precision multi-coated lens with high transmittance, which gives a very clear and high quality image, and is ideal for creating a home cinema. Of course, it has a basic set of inputs, including a Micro USB DC port and an HDMI port, which also supports MHL. There are also a 3.5mm stereo audio output port, and a key for on and off, keys for volume remote control, “+”, “-” and Menu. Its USB Type C port is strictly for charging an external device like a notebook. What’s more, as a wireless projector, it allows you to display the data and video from your phone or tablet without running a single wire.


This projector features DLP-technology, providing twice the contrast with LCD projectors. It has native nominal FWVGA (854-by-480) resolution, compatible resolution of 640*480~ 1920*1080, supporting the corresponding video formats: 480p, 570p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p for creating a home theater, a brightness of 80~100 lumens, and a 1000:1 rated contrast ratio, 4:3 screen ratio, LED light source, which easily last the lifetime of the projector.


The ECsee ES135 is compact and easily portable DLP projector. So you can display content from a notebook attached to its MHL-enabled HDMI port. Its brightness and sound system make it best for creating a home theater. Of course, you can use it in offices, for traveling and outdoors, just for you like. Now, it is presold at the price of $218. And there are two colors for choice, black and pink gold. I think the ES135 is the most proper projector for creating a home theater, small enough, powerful enough and affordable enough. And the best time to get it is now!


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