EDUP EP-9511N: Charger and Router in One-Piece

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Nowadays people could not left electronic products even for one second. However, the electronic products like mobile phone and laptop, they can keep human beings good company only they are in the power and connected with network. if you are on the train or bus, you may frugally use the electronic products to kill the time. Actually, you do not have to be so careful if you own EDUP EP-9511N. It is a multifunctional router that you can use it as a charger or the cloud assistant in addition to the function of getting network. The router is of small body and light weight so that users could take it with themselves to the place where there are less source for charging or network.
EDUP EP-9511NImage you are on the longterm train, you want to listening to the music but there are just very little power to provide. Don’t worry, take out EDUP EP-9511N and find the big USB interface on the top of its body, then connect it with your moble phone through the data wire. The “charger” could work for 15 to 17 hours, so you can relievedly listen to the music. What’s more, the USB interface supports 3G network card due to the inbuilt wireless network card, you just have to connect it with your mobile phone or laptop, then you can get access to the fluent network no matter you are on the train or other places. Finally, let’s take a look at the rear of the router, there is a network interface, if you want to make the wireless network inside the house to support several electronic products, all you have to do is connect the router with the cable receiving and transmitting wired network.
EDUP EP-9511NLast but not least, let’s look at SD card rabbet on the right side of EDUP EP-9511N. Sometimes, we are eager to share something meaningful or important with your friends or family, but it is inconvenient to share photos, music or video to several people at the same time. I suggest you take out your SD card and connect it into the right interface, as long as the router starts to make the network, all your file in your SD card would be shared through the cloud assistant. So how do you think the one-piece router?

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