EDUP EP-B3509: An easy-taken wireless speaker with Bluetooth 3.0

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Bluetooth speaker has been widely used in the car or a meeting room, actually, it possesses more comprehensive usages as long as you think. Take the UFO shape EDUP EP-B3509 for example, perhaps you will be attracted by its unique outlook. But, the special shape is not only made for decoration but also for safety concern. Of course the mini size bluetooth speaker is easy to carry with you, but it’s also easy to get knocked or fall into the ground. However, the lowest center of gravity design has perfectly compensate the above problem. Besides, all the buttons are well-organized on the UFO speaker.
EP-B3509When it comes to bluetooth speaker, I could not help thinking up crazy music enthusiasts. It seems that mini speaker is born to be used in the car, cause driving may be too boring or nervous and we need some music to get relaxed. Actually, bluetooth speakers like EDUP EP-B3509 are very convenient to put in the car for sake of its small size and light weight. They are often designed with bluetooth and wireless technology. You are allowed to listen to the music, meanwhile, they support calling and answering the phone. What’s more, the speaker can automatically switch its mode in accordance with certain situation. For instance, it will change into phone mode if anyone call in during the process of playing music. After finishing the call, it will back to music mode.

Furthermore, the bluetooth 3.0 makes EDUP EP-B3509 more sensitive for full speed transmission. At the same time, there is a inbuilt anti-interference system in the speaker. That is to say, the speaker will not be disturbed by other signal with valid operation distance of ten meters. Moreover, the advanced echo and noise suppression technology ensures better call and play quality. All in all, the UFO mini speaker is very convenient and practice to use in your daily life.

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