xiaomi keyboard mechanical

Enhancing Effective Typing and Gaming with Xiaomi Mechanical Keyboard

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A keyboard is a typewriter-style device that is of great importance in using a computer either for typing or for gaming. It uses a systematic arrangement of buttons known as keys with characters engraved or printed on the keys with symbols, letters, and figures. Having a good keyboard is important for typing or gaming as it ensures effective speed and accuracy in every task. With the introduction of computers and keyboards, it has made work easier and typing is now easy, accurate and convenient.


There are different types of keyboards which perform different functions which include varieties like Thumb-sized, handheld, standard, laptop-sized keyboards and many more. The introduction of xiaomi keyboard is a welcome technology because it comes with a number of high-end features that will make typing and gaming to be exciting. The keyboard is a smart engineered product which is so far the best and outstanding gadget produced and it exhibits intense engineering and technology that are out of this world.

xiaomi keyboard mechanical

Excellent designs

Xiaomi keyboard has its bracket and desktop leaning at an angle of 6 degrees which is in accordance with the recommended human engineering stipulated in engineering practices. This is very important as it ensures you get the best typing or gaming posture in conjunction with keys cap radians which effectively helps in alleviating the finger fatigue and pressure that might be experienced when using the keyboard for a long time. This will also ensure it complies with ergonomics when the bracket is unfolded.


Great for gaming and typing

The xiaomi keyboard mechanical is designed with a TTC typical cherry switches which have a minimal actuation force which is the lowest among the four common switches. The red cherry switch is considered as the best gaming switches with light weighing paving way for swift actuation. The red axis classic TTC enhances an extended life expectancy of the keyboard and it will be able to withstand about 50 million reliability tests.

xiaomi keyboard mechanical

Long durability

The keyboard comes with PC+ABS dual color keycap that keeps your fingers a soft and comfortable feel for enhanced typing and gaming. It enhances a scratch resistance and fading performance to improve keys cap durability and keep them looking good and attractive all the time. The keyboard consists of a plug and play which makes the keyboard easy and convenient to operate with a key line separation design for effective performance.



The keyboard equipped with a master control which is used to sense the main control chip featuring 32 bit ARM architect and 1000Hz refreshing rate and one minute response time. It is also designed with 3528 LED back to stick lamp, a luminous brightness of 6 grade and 6500k pure white temperature.


The introduction of the Xiaomi mechanical keyboard into the market is a welcome relief as it will ease typing and enhance the prolonged use of the keyboard due to its finger-friendly features.

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