Epson stylus R210 Ink Cartridges: one-way valve protects the nozzle

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As is known to all, Epson cartridges are independent from the nozzle. Not like one-piece cartridges, separated cartridges could do big harm to the printing nozzle if users did not clean up or change the nozzle for a long time. Nevertheless,the one-way valve design applied to the ink cartridges has bettered the performance of separated cartridges. Take Epson stylus R210 Ink Cartridges for example, based on the seven contact intelligent chip, it has made a great progress of cartridges box design, that is, the one-way valve design.
Epson stylus R210 Ink CartridgesWhat is one-way valve design? To be honest, it is not a latest technology, but it is a new and creative idea applied to the cartridges. Generally speaking, the box inside of Epson stylus R210 Ink Cartridges has been divided into two rooms by the valve chip. The first room is connected to ink providing mouth, while the second room is connected with the ink outlet. Thus, the ink will not get back to the cartridges during the process of printing, which has greatly reduced the possibility of nozzle clogged. Besides, the one-way valve design ensures the fluency of printing, to some extents the printing equipments will be less worn due to less error. To get a perfect cooperation with a set of printing devices, the ink was adopted advanced material which provides outstanding color and brightness.

As it has been stated, Epson stylus R210 Ink Cartridges has break through the usual problem of Epson cartridges: nozzle clogged. Now users do not have to bear so many worries after choosing such separated cartridges, and do not have to clean up the nozzle so often. Actually, separated cartridges consume less printing cost cause the nozzle will not be forced to change. Using one-way valve separated cartridges, customers not only save money, also has less worry about getting nozzle plugged. Isn’t it a cost-effective way for printing?

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