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This is a device that is used to view areas that are very complicated to gain access to. This device captures videos and images of such areas and relays them to your phone or computer via a USB cable. For instance, this android endoscope could be used to view body organs without necessarily having to cut the body. This provides you with a wonderful streaming of such inaccessible areas with just your hands. This is a great advancement not only in the field of technology but also in the field of medicine. In this review, we will focus on its features, advantages and the benefits it brings to us.

android endoscope


This Android endoscope has a lens diameter of about 6 mm and has a resolution effect of 640 by 480 pixels. It also has USB cable that allows you to connect to either your mobile phone or computer. This cable also comes in various lengths such as 1M, 1.5M, 2M etc. Also, it can support an android phone that has UVC and OTG functions. Besides, its camera can take pictures of degree 0.3MP. This android endoscope is also waterproof and has a waterproof level of
IP67.In addition, this android endoscope has 6 LED lights that are very bright. It also comes with CD for used by PC’s driver and android phone’s app.

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The fact that this android endoscope is waterproof ensures that it is not easily damaged by water. Its 6 LED lights ensure that quality pictures are captured. Android endoscope is also lightweight hence can easily be carried around. Also, this device is of high quality hence enabling the user to enjoy a wonderful viewing experience of any area he or she desires. This endoscope also works for many situations, for instance, it can be used to repair cars, to detect customs, to conduct a rescue search, etc thus giving it an advantage over other endoscopes. Also, it is easy to use, all you have to do is insert the android endoscope into the area you want to view and connect it to your computer or Android phone via a USB cable and then start watching the images or video streams. Besides, this android endoscope is very compatible with many windows, for example, W10, W7, W8, VIST, and XP hence it is quite convenient to many users. This android endoscope also allows you to rotate the image taken by the camera by 90 degrees hence enabling you to extract all the information you need.


The fact that android endoscope comes with mirrors and magnets makes it suitable for use in rescue or recovery missions such as extracting keys from drains. It is also beneficial to people who want to view very dark areas because it has LED bright lights. This device is also very cheap hence suitable for low-income earners.

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