Flashget G200 Cherry MX Red Switch Mechanical Keyboard Review

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You probably know some one who already sings the virtues of their Flashget G200 Cherry MX Red mechanical keyboard. There are several reasons to consider a mechanical model, today we will talk something about it.

PC Fans World-Flashget G200 Cherry MX Red ReivewFirstly, the Flashget G200 cherry mx red mechanical keyboard can minimize types. Depending on the type of switches you get, you not only get specific tactile feedback when you’ve pressed a key and it’s registered on the screen, you’ll also never wonder whether or not you’ve actually tapped a key or not, once you get familiar with the way that the tactile “bump” feels with certain typing-friendly mechanical keyboards, you’ll find yourself more sure of the keys you’ve pressed and not double-typing to make sure you’ve actually pressed a button. The sound of a mechanical keyboard can reinforce the tactile feedback as well. As opposed to quieter scissor or membrane keyboards, where you may not even know if you’ve hit the right key in the first place.

Secondly, they can stand the test of time. One of the biggest benefits of Flashget G200 mechanical keyboard is that they’re durable and meant to stand up against heavy use.

Thirdly, this mechanical keyboard is more satisfying to use. This is pretty subjective, but most people who use a mechanical model on a daily basis will tell you that it’s just a more satisfying typing experience. The audible key-clicks and the sure knowledge every time you press down on a key that it’s registered properly is a feeling you really have to experience to appreciate.

Of course, these aren’t the only reasons, but they’re some of the best ones. Not everyone is going to love a Flashget G200 cherry mx red mechanical keyboard. Some people will find them too heavy, too clunky, too loud, or just outright annoying compared to slimmer, quieter scissor switches or membrane keyboards.


  1. My friend have a Flashget G600 and that’s the first time I learn this brand. The g200 seems up than g600(of course higher price :))
    the built of this board feels like a Keycool or Ducky but much cheaper. I can’t find better keyboard with lower price, perfect product for me

  2. My cousin uses this keyboard. She thinks highly of it. This keyboard attracts me a lot after I use the keyboard of my cousin.

  3. The information about the keyboard is very impressive. I wish this product is also excellent. Looking forward to the arrival of it.

  4. This G200 works well with my computer. It is really a good product. I give it five stars, and recommend it to you.

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