FlashGet G800 104 keys Cherry Black Backlit Mechanical Keyboard Review

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SKU102470 (1)To many people, they should think that a keyboard is a keyboard, but I think it is not quite. The gaming mechanical keyboards with individual switches or each key are incredibly popular, both among people who remember them from days of computing gone past, or who want a better typing experience today. Just use the FlashGet G800 cherry black for example. It is specified designed for those whose personal taste can make a mechanical keyboard for use.

Obviously, it is a great keyboard for gaming and typing. This tenkeyless size mechanical keyboard will up your game and reduce the finger strain caused by rubber dome keyboards, because it is equipped with cherry MX black switches.

If you are interested in the flashget g800 mechanical keyboards, you’ll need to learn the lingo before you run out and buy a keyboard that may bot give you the typing experience you’re looking for. The cherry MX black switches are characterized by their smooth, linear pass from top to bottom. They don’t have a tactile “ bump” which indicates a key press has been registered before the key reaches the bottom of the switch. This switches register their press in the middle, while the “release” point (where the key starts to come back up) is at the bottom. The “actuation point” (where a press is registered) is further up.
On the other hand, the cherry MX black switches of the flashget g800 mechanical keyboards are generally incorporated into mechanical keyboards aimed at gamers. It makes double-tapping keys easy, and there’s absolutely no confusion about wether you pressed a key or didn’t, or whether your click registered.

However, using the flashget g800 MX black switches means you have to traverse the entire switch for a key press to register, which can be tiresome for regular typing, especially compared to other switches. So, I think it can bring a wonderful gaming experience for you.


  1. My keyboard is broken down. I need to change another durable one. This FlashGet G800 keyboard seems to be very suitable me. Could you please tell me where I can get it?

  2. I like this black version of keyboard. If it is not too expensive, I plan to buy it for myself. Can you tell me how much it is?

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