GamaKay K77 Mechanical Keyboard Review: is it Worth Invest in?

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GamaKay K77, which features a modern design with glass acrylic panels and Gateron hot-swap switches to ensure compatibility with other types of switches. This keyboard reacts very fast and is very smooth. So, if you’re looking for a great budget hot-swappable keyboard for less than $80, you’ve come to the right place.

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Design and Build Quality

Time to talk about design and build quality. The GamaKay K77 has a high quality looking, beautiful and clean plastic housing in black or white. The buttons are also the same color, but the bottom is transparent so some light comes out, which we can also see under the clear lettering.
The bottom of the button is see-through with three acrylic parts held together by Philips screws. In addition to the LEDs under the switch, LEDs are placed throughout the frame and light shines through the finely polished acrylic. The end result is lively and sleek, and the chassis has a charming appearance. It goes well with table color or neon settings. It comes without folding legs and offset by rubber feet for a good grip and is really comfortable while playing and while writing.
And if we talk about the size and weight, it is about 300 x 108 x 30mm and weighs about 550 grams. Ideal for carrying anywhere and the biggest and most obvious advantage is its small footprint.



As claimed by the Gamekay model number K77, the keyboard possesses 77 keys and the keys are one of the strengths of this keyboard due to its high-quality double-shot PBT plastic with a smoother finish and 0.8mm wall thickness. looks fragile but is of high quality and quite durable with little creaking and bending. It is more comfortable for your wrist. In addition, this tendency makes it easier for you to write as you type.


Gateron Quick Switch Sockets

Cherry is the standard among manufacturers, but now there are better manufacturers among cheap ones, such as: , and we have red and blue; In addition, there is a full RGB backlight, 6 thematic lighting effects, 16 million color settings, customization.



GamaKay K77 is the best budget keyboard for around $80 for those looking for a 60 percent keyboard as it has good coverage with high-quality PBT plastic keys. The best online marketplace to purchase this wonderful mechanical keyboard is on Banggood.

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GamaKay K77 Mechanical Keyboard Review: is it Worth Invest in?
Article Name
GamaKay K77 Mechanical Keyboard Review: is it Worth Invest in?
Gaming with the help of a keyboard never gets old. While some enjoy gaming with PC gamepads, others prefer the use of mechanical keyboards. Today, I will be reviewing one of the best mechanical keyboards in 2021; the Gamakay K77 mechanical keyboard.

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